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Kapowsin Elementary School Murals 2003

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Brush with History


Size: 36’9” x 5’3”

Photos of panels 1-5 of 5

The most stunning of the 6 murals. Incredible detail in the children in front of the school, the sprawling turn-of-the-century town of Kapowsin, and in the horses hauling logs. The color scheme of the sky, background, mid-ground, and foreground starts on the left and continues all the way into the paintbrush on the right.


Loggers' Lifeline

Size: 48’ x 5’4”

Photos of panels 1&2 of 6


Parkland Dairy

Size: 18’ x 5’4”

Photos of panels 2&3 of 3

The original mural of the milk delivery truck, milkman, and girls washing bottles was probably done without the help of students. For the 2003 reproduction, students painted the background and the delivery truck.



Size: 16” x 5’4”

Photos of panels 1&2 of 2


Kapowsin Lake

Size: 26’7.5” x 5’4”

Photos of panels 1&2 of 4

Members of the Steilacoom tribe painted this mural of Native Americans hunting. The mural uses the same color scheme of the others and the same conventions for larger trees, but is painted with radically different notions about blending as evidenced by the background trees and the water.

The bear in the foreground was one of many objects in this mural and others that were not painted correctly in the original We left many of the original mistakes, but we couldn’t resist fixing a few things here and there.


Hard Work—

And No Power Saws Even

Size: 8’ x 5’4”

Photo of panel 1 of 1